An irreversible development

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An irreversible development Empty An irreversible development

Post  Wiltonjo on Tue Jun 18, 2013 6:10 am

If the number of households per square kilometer was rather fewer in number earlier, things have changed like never before in recent times.  In place of a few countable numbers, the present situation in the UAE is that the number of households per square kilometer has gone up by several folds due to the advent of high rise building structures.  If the present housing model is to be reversed, then nearly 5 to 10 times the existing land area will have to be set apart for such a development.

In some of the urban centers in the third world countries, a problem being encountered is that while the national governments are grappling with the problem of lack of housing amenities for a large section of the urban population, there is a significant portion of built up spaces that are lying vacant or which has no takers.  Not only that, the number of vacant households in the urban centers is very high.

This is in sharp contrast to the real estate developments in the prominent city centers in the UAE.  Immediately after a real estate project has been announced and even before construction has commenced at the project site, the entire built up space on offer is immediately taken up by the hi-fi professionals and other business persons who do not mind paying extra to occupy properties of their choice in the prominent localities.  Thus an apartment for sale will have to be sold at a higher price, if the demand is more.


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